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Health & Safety On Location

There are some vital things that are important and needed for location photography, for one, it needs to be lawful for you to have access to the land, no trespassing without permission. Otherwise it could end up with more than no images shot, you could have no images lawful to use, and you could be prosecuted for trespassing, fined, or even jailed.
It also needs to be safe, some people choose to shoot in derelict or unsafe buildings, which is hazardous to you, your model’s and also your equipment.
Another vital thing is there needs to be good access, when carrying a lot of kit such as lighting etc, there needs to be sufficent road access, or parking access so that gear does not have to  be carried far.
You should always be prepared for outdoor weather, prepare for the worst, not the best..  Outdoor clothing, proper footwear, and proper cover for your camera gear is essential to ensure your safety and the safety of your camera equipment.
Also spare clothes, blanket’s etc for your model or team while you are not shooting, a happy team is more likely to result in a better end product.
Another thing to bare in mind when shooting on location is to make sure that your equipment is safe. If shooting in a public place, you may need someone to watch your equipment, it is quite easy for a passer by to grab your camera bag while you are not looking, make sure it is safe, or being watched over.

The same safety guidelines apply when using electricity and lighting, and portable lighting equipment. When working indoors everything should be taped down, and the usual bright colours added to hazards etc as mentioned in my studio safety. Portable power packs are also used on location, and care should be taken when plugging lights into these, making sure studio guidelines are still followed.
If using lighting outdoor, cables and wires should still be taped down and hazards marked with bright colours, but also the weather must be taken into account. Wind will catch umbrellas and softbox, and throw them over, so assistants may be needed to hold the stands as on a windy day they could blow over and get damaged, and possibly injure somebody. Also you should be wary of rain, electricity is being used so good care should be taken, if you choose to shoot in rain. Everything should be covered up and protected from the rain.
Always make sure your model and your team is safe, it is not safe to have your model balancing on a moving rock, or an unsafe roof etc. Safety is priority and always make sure your team is safe.


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