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Image Usage

There are some key elements i need to think about when photographing my models.
This is determined by the usage of the image. If the image is for a point of sale or advertisement in a shop, i may have to consider the aspect of the image. And whether i should leave negative space for text, or logo’s etc.
If the image is to be used in a magazine, it would usually be in a portrait aspect, and again i should think about negative space for text from articles etc. I must also consider where the image will be used, location wise.
All over the world different colours mean different things in different cultures, and i may have to consider this as it may offend people, or mean something different.

The key things i should consider are –

– Negative space/space for text or logo
– Crop, which will make me consider negative space, and the format the image will be in, (A4 etc)
– The size the image will be printed (What equipment to use)
– Where the image will be displayed (So not to offend or send confusing messages to different cultures)


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