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Initial ideas and concepts

The genre i have selected to cover is women’s fashion. This will cover both women’s clothing and lingerie.
My ideas are to base my new portfolio around one sole concept and idea. Having thought for a while about my idea’s, i would like to base my idea’s around romanticism.
Having researched fashion images for the past two years in depth, the images i always feel i am drawn to are the images in which the viewer is drawn in by the (female) model. Images in which a story is told, and images which i can link back to my own personal memories and passion. I am also hugely influences by cinema, and romanticism especially and how it is portrayed in cinema, as well as in photography.

I would like to base my romanticism concept, loosely around my own memories, and also those of close family and friends. I will use these memories as influences, and as a basis for each one of my shoots, hopefully resulting in a story being told throughout the images, perhaps something the viewer will hopefully pick up on. I would like each of the series’ to represent a memory, or a time. Perhaps a weekend away with a loved one etc.

I will try to use clothing, pose, and the model’s emotion to try and project this feeling of passion, and romanticism, hopefully drawing the viewer in and helping them rekindle or relive moments or feelings they perhaps have had at one point or another in their life. Everybody has had these moments with close loved ones, and i hope that the viewer could pick up on these moments and relate it to them selves.
I will also use lighting to my advantage to help create this feeling. Having looked into cinema briefly, and related feature films, light plays a hugely important role. Different light qualities and temperatures can project different moods and/or feelings towards the viewer, and i will try to use this to add to the feeling i am going for.
I will shoot with natural light, only using reflectors to my aid. I hope to make the images fairly natural looking, and cinematic as a result of this technique. I hope to manage the light well to project this romantic idea.


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