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Initial Location Ideas

Having decided to base my concept around romanticism, and personal memories, i have came up with an initial few ideas to start with, based around my memories, and those close to me.

The first location idea i have thought of is a caravan. Again based on personal memories from when i was a little younger. My parent’s have a caravan so i could access this whenever i like.  Looking into typical British holidays, or traditional British holidays, and also relating back to my childhood, and the holidays, which I used to have with my family, I feel if i can shoot some images in and around it, in various situations i could perhaps tell a story of a couple away from it all, perhaps temporarily living there or on a small holiday. Using light, and clothing, and expressions i hope i can project a romantic feeling, with some passion in there. Hopefully the images will be interesting and also striking as well as just telling a story.

The second location idea is a canal boat. Based on memories of somebody close to me, I hope to tell a similar story to that in my caravan location idea. Again using lighting, clothing, and emotion i can project this feeling i have been talking about, and hopefully it will represent my concepts enough. I hope to contact various people, some of which i am already in contact with in order to find a suitable boat, with easy access for me to shoot on. I am in touch with the editor of canal world magazine, and various local owners so hopefully this will work out and i will be able to shoot soon. I hope this will create some really great interesting images, i have not seen any fashion images shot on a canal boat so i feel that straight away the images will stand out, and hopefully what is within the image will make the images very strong.

My other location idea is a tent, on a hill top. Again based on personal memories, i hope to take a small tent up to a hill top, and perhaps set up a small camping scene in a scenic location. I could go to Carlton Bank perhaps, with great views, this will create a nice image, almost a landscape. And if I can involve this romantic cinematic idea I have been projecting I could create some really striking images. Again creating an idea of a young couple, getting away from everything just to be with each other. And hopeful with my styling, and choice of model and her posing I hope to project this idea, and again get some passion involved into a beautiful image.


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