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Location Advantages & Disadvantages

I have decided to shoot on location because i feel i enjoy working outdoor more. The opportunities working outdoor are endless, as much as the studio is a blank canvas, you cannot drop the grand canyon into a studio, you cannot drive a car in a studio. There are certain elements that you can get from location that you can never find in the studio. Apart from the location that you cannot drop in, there is the weather, the light that different weather and sunlight conditions can make.
Having a model in a certain location can help the model feel something, perhaps show more emotion than they may in the studio. If you are wanting to project a certain feeling, or tell a story, it becomes a lot easier on location, especially with a location/props to be involved with.

Not only can you work with natural light conditions but you can combine this with flash etc for stunning effects.

All of these reasons have lead me to decide on working on location. I love the feeling of telling a story from a location outdoors, and i feel much happier shooting outdoors than i do in the studio, your options are far greater on location than in the studio.

However obviously shooting on location also has its downsides. First of all getting permission to shoot on the location is an important factor, also making sure the weather is good enough. As well as somewhere to do make up, and clothing changes etc, all of these factors make it much more difficult to work on location, however i feel all of these advantages far out weigh the disadvantages.


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