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Negotiated Learning Plan

Proposal Title – Location Fashion


I am planning to photograph women’s fashion and lingerie on location, using different locations, ideas, and concepts. I will try to work to current industry standards and also try and work to current trends while also trying to mould my own personal style. I will shoot all of this using natural light.
I will speak to lingerie companies, and local shops, to perhaps try and get some possible work on board.
I am also speaking to fashion students from around the North East, to find some outfits that have been made by students, and also some stylists. This will give me the chance to work with some good quality creative clothing, as well as making more contacts, and gaining more exposure. This will work on a mutual benefit agreement in that the designers and stylists can use my images, with accreditation to me.

The photographs should project a mood, or a feeling, as well as a feeling of lifestyle or project what the brand is about.

My idea’s are to be based around romanticism, and cinema. I have been largely influenced by cinema, and the way in which romanticism is used in the cinema. I will try to get this into my images, to create a passionate romantic feel, which will hopefully be projected by the model’s pose, combined with the location and the lighting.
I will consider all of these factors together to try and create a cinematic, romantic feeling.
I have been thinking about locations, I would like to choose locations, which could suggest a story, and help project my ideas about romanticism.

My first location idea was a caravan, looking into typical British holidays, or traditional British holidays. And also relating back to my childhood, and the holidays, which I used to have with my family. I feel using my parents caravan as a location for a fashion shoot would be something different which would make the images stand out immediately, and then using light, pose, clothing and make up, I could create some really striking images.
The ideas behind the location being that it could be a romantic hideaway for a young couple etc.
Tied In with this idea, is the beach. My Parent’s caravan is located next to a beach, and it reminds me of times I had myself, and could perhaps project through photographs. This could work well with the caravan images, and really give this carefree, young vibe, which I am looking for. And if I can get the right look from my model I hope I can project the passion that is often seen in a young couple.

My second location idea is to perhaps put a tent in a scenic location, either the lake district or in the Cleveland hills. Carlton Bank perhaps, with great views, this will create a nice image, almost a landscape. And if I can involve this romantic cinematic idea I have been projecting I could create some really striking images. Again creating an idea of a young couple, getting away from everything just to be with each other. And hopeful with my styling, and
choice of model and her posing I hope to project this idea, and again get some passion involved into a beautiful image.

My Third Location idea is to shoot on a Narrowboat/Canal Boat. Again thinking of different locations to the usual images seen in location fashion. Again working on my cinematic, romantic feeling, projecting a story about a couple getting away from everything etc. I have contacted many people on narrowboat forums, and I am now in touch with the editor if Canal World Magazine, who will hopefully put me in touch with some local owners. He is keen to project a different feeling around Narrowboat owners rather than the typical, older, boring, and conservative owners, which I feel can work to my benefit hugely. I hope that the traditional interiors, and light
pouring through the windows could create some really emotional images with more than just a catalogue shot in mind.

I have also thought of some idea’s, which will project this idea, with a vintage feel. I have been looking at classic car forums, perhaps using a classic car as a prop, in a nice location perhaps suggesting the feeling of a day out in the summer with a partner etc. I have also contacted Redcar and Cleveland council about shooting in/around their cliff lift, which I think may produce some great images. I have also spoken to my brother about using his classic mini for some shots.

I think these location idea’s, along with different models, styling and lighting, will give me more than enough chance to get some cracking images and create a great start to a portfolio.

I will shoot with a full frame DSLR, and shoot with medium length zoom lenses, and a 50mm prime lens.
I will also shoot with natural light, and a fast lens will enable me to shoot with a wide aperture and throw
certain parts out of focus and use selective focus, which will give that dreamy romantic feeling.

I will try and brand myself in this project, I will try and decide on a key few factors or words which could be associated with my work. I will try and associate my work with cinematic feeling, romanticism, passion, and a carefree relaxed feeling.

Associated Research

I will research into current fashion magazines and journals, to see what styles and aesthetics are currently popular in the current climate.
I will continue to speak to Narrowboat owners, and the editor of Canal World in the hope to find a local boat owner who’s boat I can perhaps shoot on. I will look into the safety implications involved in shooting on a Narrowboat and what precautions I should take in my planning.
I am currently speaking to 8 model agencies about testing with their model’s, and I have gave a shortlist to each agency about who I would think is suitable to work with. And I will continue to negotiate with them and hopefully come to an agreement with them.
I am also in contact with local universities and colleges, and make up artists, trying to find hair and make up artists I can work with, and will continue to do so, while also looking into current popular make up styles, so I can discuss the styling of my model’s with the make up artists.

I will also look into different retouching methods using tutorials from the web, via youtube, and retouchers websites.

I will also research into many current fashion photographers, and many up and coming fashion photographers, to see what my competition is, and also to see what kind of trends will soon be appearing, so I can be on top of the game. I will look into at Helmut Newton, Urban Outfitters branding and other photographers that influence me.

I will also continue to watch films that match my shortlisted words for my branding of myself. Looking at the
lighting, the posing and the composition of frames to help influence me and try to help me project my feelings and
messages. I will also look at traditional art pieces, which try to relate similar messages.
I will also be location scouting in the next few weeks, speaking to friends and family, narrowboat owners, keen walkers, and other photographers and possibly creative directors to come up with some idea’s. I will continue to search looking in local magazines and newspapers, as well as speaking to the local tourist board to help me.

I am going to read the British Journal of Photography, Professional Photographer magazine, and other fashion
journals in order to keep me up to date with current fashion trends and perhaps try to influence me, as well as keeping up to date with the best equipment available.  I will look into books about posing with women, and fine art images of women, to give me ideas about how to pose my models etc.

Learning Goal

I aim to improve my standards of location fashion work, striving hard to create striking, bold images, which have a projected message, feeling and mood about them. As well as perhaps telling a story.

I aim to create industry standard work, which I will be able to send to picture editors in order for me to begin my career.

I also aim to create further contacts within the industry, from students, to model management agencies, and also other photographers and local businesses. I hope to use this project as a springboard to the first step on the career ladder in the fashion world. The 10 images I create will only be half of this, and the way I conduct myself, and work and negotiate with various agencies and photographers in my research will be the other half of this


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