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Romance In Cinema

The following are stills from romance films from contemporary cinema.
I will look at how the colours, the composition, and the technical aspects of the image enhance the emotions and story on show, and help project the feelings and emotions intended by the writer to the viewer.

This a still from the movie 'The time travellers wife'. Another romance type film. This is a scene which i feel is visually stunning, and interesting. Apart from the fact we see the man talking to his partner in the bath, they could be talking about anything, however there are several factors in the image which lead us to believe they are talking about something positive, and are happy with each other etc. First of all the light comign through the windows, this is often seen as a romantic notion, often seen in lingerie shoots etc. As well as it also being aesthetically pleasing. The warm tones in the image also suggest early morning, and give a nice warm positive feel to the image. The man's pose is also very relaxed and endearing and this leads us to believe he is happy too. Compositionally the image is great, it is has been shot from the outside of the room, and we can see the door, with the light landing on it so nicely, it leads our eyes into the room as though we are a fly on the wall. Again such a natural image, it brings you right into the moment and you begin to imagine what the conversation is about. I am really influenced by stills such as this, and i feel if i can make my images look like a movie still, or as natural as this, they will hopefully tell the story i want.

This is a scene from one of the most succesful filsm of the last 10 years, 'The Notebook'. A typical romance film, which made success immediately, particularly with the female audience. This is something important i must bear in mind, considering i will be shooting women's fashion, i will need to be impressing the female audience, so following the routes taken in these romance film's i feel is a good way to go if i can create a similar feeling. In this image we see the main characters, the couple dancing in the street at night. The colours are perfect, and are very hard to recreate in camera. With our eye we see these cool blue/grey tones, slightly de-saturated with the neon sigs around, and this is captured perfectly in the still which really captures the moment, and the feel of the time of day/night. These tones add to the feeling of the image, and it almost helps you to hear the sound, and see the motion, a great way of creating mood. If i am to create cinematic type feelings, this will be great as i feel a still from the cinema such as this really does tell a story, and all the features within the image, help to add to the whole cinema experience, you can feel the motion and the passion in the image, aswell as the tones helping you understand what it would look like with your own eyes, and feeling the cool evening breeze. If i can make my images look like they could be from cinema, i too could project the feeling, and what it might be like to actually be there at that time of day. In This image we all see the background is thrown out of focus, just concentrating on the couple within the image, focusing on the emotion, and the pose.

This is a scene from the popular romance film '500 days of summer' one of the most succesful contemporary romance films in the last few years. In this scene here we see a couple holding hands and gazing into each others eyes. We see a city skyline behind at what looks to be sunset. The candle out of focus just in the foreground, and the lights on presumably what is a rooftop really make for a romantic scene, a scene in which the vast majority of viewers would strive to with their loved one. There are several things in the image which help to emphasize this feeling of love and happiness. The tones in the image are faded, but warm, much like the tones we see in real life on a summers evening as the sun has just gone down, which immediately makes me think about those summer evenings i have had with loved ones or friends, which are generally regarded as happy times, and i'm sure many other viewers would share this notion too. The depth of field is also great, and emphasizes these feelings. The couple is in focus and the background is blurred out, this immediately draws your eyes to the couple and focuses on the emotion involved. But we can also still see the background, a city skyline at sunset, surely a beautiful sight and on a rooftop with a loved one in this location. This is something which most viewers would love to do presumably, and this adds to the feeling of love and romance projected. Even though it is a still from the film, even without any speech, or music, this feeling is projected so very strongly, and this is something which i must take into account within my images. Without this story, the image would be rather bland, but with a story, and the emotion involved, it becomes something more.


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