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Romance In Cinema

Romance has been a key feature in Cinema since its dawn. The love story is a popular one, and something which everybody can relate to. Often those in the cinema are those on which people set their expectations, often depicting happy scenes that many strive to reach. Aswell as the many downs that also appear. I would love to try and replicate this in my images and i hope people could find a similar feeling in my images.
In particular i have been looking more at romance in summer in the past five to ten years. Contemporary romance movies are visually stunning. The lighting, angles, and colours all have just as much of an effect as the subject within the images which is something i should bare in mind. The style of shot, the angle, and the composition all send a message to the viewer. The lighting also does this, a nice hazy light as the sun is setting sets a calm, happy feeling, and can set the same for what is taking place within the scene. The colours also help to project this, and i feel in cinema, the colours really do make the difference, the way an early morning is graded to look a dull grey/blue tone, very hard to capture in digital photography. The way artificial light is also graded in cinema, this is a key influence for me and i hope to look further at these features in cinema to help me understand how i could project a feeling or a mood in my images using all of these features i have talked about.

But the basis of all these visually stunning scenes is the story, the basic story based around romance and love. These features only emphasize what is happening in the story, so therefore i need my story and concept to be right first, in order to then emphasize this story, and emotions involved using colour, and light etc.


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