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Selected genre for my ‘new portfolio’.

After two years on this course, i have been taught all the technical aspects i need to know.
Through the assignments i have been given i have been able to find out what i enjoy most, and what is my strongest subject/genre.
In my previous subjects this year i have covered both location fashion, and studio fashion, and i feel this is my strongest genre. After guidance throughout the year from staff, i have decided that this should be the start of my career path, and that this would be most suitable for my new portfolio. I enjoy working with people, and have a particular passion for fashion photography, which combined with my strengths, this makes it an obvious choice for me to continue with in this assignment.
I could choose to cover a genre which i am not very strong at, or do not enjoy in order to improve myself, however that is what the past two years have been about, and now is the time to develop a portfolio, ready for me to take into industry and hopefully kick start my career.
I should also look to see how i can combine this assignment, with possible employment in the future. Perhaps by involving a clothing company, accessories, a designer, or a stylist. So i will begin to contact various people and make inquiries into how i could partner up with somebody perhaps to create some new images.

In summary, i am going to cover ‘Women’s fashion photography’ in my new portfolio for this assignment. I will now think a little more about what specifically i want to do, whether that be studio, or location etc.Hopefully this will kick start my career and set me on a path in fashion photography.


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