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Work Related Final Project – Brief.

FDA Commercial Photography
Level 5

Brief Title – ‘A New Portfolio’

The Work-Related Final Project module enables students to demonstrate the culmination of knowledge and skills on an increasingly independent basis in the context of a live project or industry work experience. This requires the production and presentation of work to an appropriate professional standard and is intended to reflect the focus on the individual as a practitioner. Positioning this module towards the end of the academic year increases the opportunity of extending the period of work experience, possibly into permanent employment.


You are required to produce a portfolio of Ten new images. Working within a genre(s) of your choice you will propose and negotiate a personal project using the NLP system that reflects your intended area of work within the commercial photographic industry. 

Negotiated Learning Plan

  • This is a document which you will develop during the first week
  • It will be submitted on Wed 30th March and agreed / revised in Tutorials on Tues 5th April
  • It will reflect the direction of future professional aspirations
  • It will show a breadth of abilities,
  • You should discuss how the work relates to Professional Photography

This module is designed to bring together all of your learning   so far into a cohesive new body of work.


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