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Beau Grealy

Beau’s work is fantastic, really soft, with a vintage aesthetic, all of Beau’s images are beautiful and soft, and pleasing to the eye.

Romantic lighting is key in nearly all of Beau’s work, and this really emphasizes what is already on show in the images.

Again it highlights the use of landscape images in fashion publications, and how it is becoming acceptable in contemporary publications.

A very 1950's classic image that could be from that period in Hollywood. A great idea using classic props and styling to create this old style classic image. The tones also emphasize this. The dramatic pose from the mode really draws you in, again with this romantic feel.

There is a lot of mood in this image, great use of light to create these tones on the models face and on the wall. The pose of the model suggests distress, or something similar, and looking up like this, perhaps she misses somebody, or is even heartbroken? These emotions and how they can be represented through a pose are something i will think about when shooting.

This image is all about the model, the intense look again creates this tense image, which really draws you in, you struggle to keep your eyes away from the girl. Perhaps the viewer is meant to feel like the boyfriend/partner?

A great use of light here, to create a soft romantic feel about the image. The tones also relate this with the warm quality of light. The hair over the face suggests a breezy wind is in the air, and this adds to the cinematic feel within the image, it helps you imagine if you were there etc. The pose on the model is also quite vulnerable and feminime, perhaps like she is delicate, and needs protecting, again the viewer could be a partner?

A great image which really tells a story, the location in the background has trucks etc around, it makes me think about what the story behind the image, is she hitch hiking somewhere? Trying to reach somebody, or escape from somebody?

Again a similar image, with similar properties to the image above.


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