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Burberry 2011 Campaign

I spotted Burberry’s spring 2011 campaign in Vogue magazine. It immediately stood out to me, and looked as though it was close to the sort of thing i am looking to do. The images are shot on a beach, with a couple, and the themes based around romance and love, with nearly all the images being shot with couples. They have shot a video campaign, and some promotional images as well, both of which have had a big influence on me.
The images themselves are very basic, no fancy colour editing or light, just all basic soft lighting, presumably natural lighting on an overcast day, especially with the blown out sky.
The model’s all have this look i have been talking about, a soft endearing look which we often see in these images, or in cinema in romance films etc.

This is a still from the video campaign for burberry's 2011 spring campaign. Again very cinematic, much like you would see in a cinema, lots of emotion and intensity in the face, set on what could be a romantic walk on the beach with two lovers. Very basic colours so the focus is all on the model's and the emotion given off from them. The wide angle on this shot is great as it really shows the location well, while also keeping the focus on the couple.

Another still from the video but this time an extreme close up, this time focusing on the emotions a lot more in the eyes, the depth of field concentrates more on the male, while still showing the female in the background to tell the story.

Again a similar image to the last one but with a slightly wider angle to get more of the location, using perhaps a 35mm on a full frame gives you the aspect. The focus is on the male again but we can still see the girl in the background, with a nice endearing look on the face, this just adds that little bit more to the image and adds to that romance feel.

Another still, focused just on the girl this time, i really endearing look as though she has turned to look at her partner or boyfriend, while the rest of the frame still allows you to see this lovely location. Some great creamy tones in the image create a lovely soft feel.

This is an image from the photo campaign, this time exactly the same feel but without a couple in the image. The way this works is the look on the model, this really intense look, it shows passion in the eyes, they really draw you in and make you stare at the image. Touching hair is often a sign of endearment towards somebody and this is a signifier in the image, with the hand running through them, a very romantic soft image.


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