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Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is a fashion photographer highly influenced by romance, much like myself. The images i have found of his are strikingly similar to what i want to produce, and i’m very sure we share the same passions and attitudes towards fashion photography, he will be a big influence for me in the future.

The above image is a great example of smith's work, he really uses light to his advantage to create this nice romantic feeling. The backlighting provides a soft delicate light on the model, and her pose is alluring, but also natural, like she is laid on the sofa watching TV, it puts an image in my head of a lazy sunday etc.

Another example of Smith using light to his advantage, to create this wonderful dreamy feeling with the patterns prodouced from the light. A really dreamy and alluring pose again from the model, looking up like she is so very happy, it really gives a romanctic feeling.

My personal favourite image of Smith's. A great example of his light again, coming through the windows to produce these interesting shadows that really flatter the model and produce a really soft delicate lighting in the room. I also like the aspect of the image, very cinematic, and it shows off the location a little more, perhaps adding to the story more.

An image i found of smith's similar to my idea's i had thought of. The romantic weekend idea, i had the idea of a weekend camping idea and this is the same idea executed very naturally and well. Natural colours and some very natural poses, almost documentary images.

Again similar to the images above of the tent but a caravan, very boho and natural again, almost documentary.

Great use of light again, the light really emphasizes the pose of the model, and the emotions and the feel of the image.

A fantastic image by Smith, the location is brilliant but it really focuses on the model. She makes the image, the hand in the hair, and the intense eyes really draw the viewer in, she is showing such passion. Something i would love to show in my images.


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