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Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Advert

After looking at romance in cinema i also decided to look at a similar idea, of romance in advertising, but video advertising.
I looked at the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle advert. I thought this was particularly interesting, it has all the features of which i have been talking about, and shows them really well, i have studied the video and hopefully i will take some influence from it and it will be seen within my work.

I particularly thought the whole concept of the video was interesting, and especially the video side of it. The depth of field, and some of the angles are really fantastic and give you great viewpoint, especially in the indoor scenes.
Something else that stood out in the video for me was the colour scheme. Chanel have clearly thought about having a general feel about the image, something which is projected as elegant and classy i feel.
There is a dominant amount of cream tones in the image, from the

bike, to the model’s outfit, and the buildings and rooms around her in the video. This dominant shade of cream suggests a classic, classy feel, and it really projects the feeling of a classic classy feel. This is something i have started to bear in mind, colour schemes and how they can work together. How my model, and th

e loca

tion, aswell as the ambient light can work together to create one feel, using similar colours, or perhaps even contrasting colours to suggest a feeling or mood.

This is a still from the advert, as you can see, everything from the motorbike, to her clothing, to the buildings, and even the temperature of the light is very similar, giving this classic de-saturated elegant feel to the images. Especially when it fits in with the classic french architecture in Paris, it really gives out a feeling of class. The model's pose also projects these here, very confident and elegant. Aswell as this, the fact that the colours go well together, and she is not the steretypical motorbike rider, it first of all draws the viewer in to what is an interesting image, before we then appreciate the beauty of the image.

Another still from the advert. Again you can see here the matching colours, even the floor is matching shades with the motorbike and the rider, even her skin is a similar tones. The look on her face is looking lovingly upwards, suggesting she is looking at her partner from a window above, also suggesting by looking up she perhaps respects him, and feels positively about him, suggesting a romantic notion.

Another still from the advert. This for me is a great compositional view, more often seen in video than photography, but something i will bear in mind. Why should a fashion image have to show the face or the full body? A great angle and really stunning, it could work well alongside another image, or on its own. But it really creates a wonderful feeling with the light from the sky so warm, and all of the matching tones. It sets the advert up nicely, and shows the location in all of its glory.


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