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I have decided to involve a client so that i can use this as an opportunity to not only improve myself, my portfolio, and develop my style further, but also to increase my experience in working with a client, and to possibly gain some published images.

I have previously worked with local accessories company Rock n Rose (http://www.rocknrose.co.uk) but as they have grew in the market into an international business, unfortunately i do not feel my talents and needs met the growth of their business, however i decided that experience, and possible published images are more important than earning a few pounds.
I contacted one of the owners of the company, and enquired whether it would be possible for me to use their accessories  in my photoshoots, for a trade of the license to use the images on the web and in publications. This way i will be getting some fine quality accesories, and the chance of the images being published, aswell as the experience of working towards what a client wants.

After speaking to my new client, we decided that my theme was suitable for the new summer range, and that the styling was to be summery, fresh, and festival chic, i was informed of the styling possibilities and i kept this information for possible models.


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