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Confidence is also something i feel would benefit my work. A look of confidence from the model can draw a viewer in.
I also feel that with my subject of romance, a confident strong look from a model could work very well, the opposite to innocence could work well, in that the confidence will draw the viewer in, and as though the viewer is the boyfriend or the partner, so that she is looking in confidence towards him, perhaps drawing him in with inviting eyes etc.

Below are some examples which highlight the confident look which is seen in many high fashion images.

This image really strikes of confidence, the pose is strong and prominent, as is the look on the face, straight in the camera, a very confident look. The arms are reaching out in strong shapes, a very un-natural stretched pose, really suggesting strength and confidence. The pose and the look really draw the viewer in, and again trying to show the body of the model more rather than just a natural pose. The shorts are open aswell, perhaps suggesting a sexual feel. Over all a really strong confident image, which draws the viewer in, like the model could draw in any male she wanted, and like she has strength over her partner.

Again a direct look into the camera, head raised, looking up, suggests confidence in herself to look straight into the camera with such intensity.

Another very confident image. The pose is less natural than those i showed early, suggesting a strength or confidence. The look into the camera also backs this up, these strong poses which are slightly un-natural usually suggest to me that the models are confident and strong, and that completely changes the feel of the image, but it can still relate to my overall theme of romance.


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