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Creating Your Style, Finding Your Niche

The most imporant part about your portfolio is of course to have strong images, but apart from that, you need a style, a brand, a mark. You need something which as soon as somebody catches a glimpse of the image, they can say, thats Richy Leeson’s image. This can be through model selection, colour, composition, depth of field, anything, but all of these factors will blend together to form that style. This may come through choice, or it may come through naturally, either way the only way to find it, is to research, and be influenced by those at the top around you, and then to shoot, shoot again, shoot again, and keep shooting. Keep shooting until one day you look back at your images, and you have that style, it can take months, or even years to develop a style, 10, 20, or even 50 shoots to find this style, but that is what is needed.

Style is imperative, its why a brand, or a company will come to you and say we want you to shoot our new summer range, they want you to put your style, your stamp, your take on their products. And this is what makes those at the top stand out, they do not want somebody who can do a bit of everything, but somebody who has a niche, and a speciality in one subject, and somebody with a style that they can associate you with. This is so vital.


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