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Images That Tell A Story

Fashion images that tell a story are usually the most successful, and most fashion images, usually carry some form of story.
This is something which i will take on board and i will try to capture this element in my images, to give them more of a feel and a story to them, this can be carried out by the location and the pose of the model, as well as the lighting etc, as well as the expressions and body language of the model, below are some example images that tell a story, and project a feeling as a result.

The image above is a great example of an imate that tells a story, perhaps it could be an advert for a lip stick. The image suggests to me that the model is getting ready to go out on the night, and is so happy, or besotted with her partner that she has drew a love heart on the mirror, a great romantic notion and really adds that passionate and romantic feel to the image. Aswell as the endearing soft look from the model. The creamy tones also really sit well with the pink heart on the mirror, they contrast with each other and really matches the lips.

Another great image, very cinematic and you can almost feel the wind blowing through the window of the car. The location is obviously a car, and it seems like a summer road trip with her partner or something along those lines. The glancing down look on the models face and her smile suggets happiness, and the overall feel of the image is warm and happy, really projecting this romance feel. Looks very much like it could be a scene from a romance film, which is key in some images which aim to tell a story.

A great example of a fashion image telling a story. To me it looks like an expensive car, perhaps a limousine, or it could even be a private jet. This obviously suggests wealth, as does drinking champagne, especially while in a private jet. She looks distressed, or perhaps drunk, the story suggests to me she has been to a celebrity night out, an awards ceremony or something similar, and is travelling home by a private expensive vehicle be it plane or private jet. This is great considering such a simple image can say and suggest so much.

This image looks very much like the young girl in the image has travelled to the beach on the bus to go surfing for the day or something similar. A really fresh fun feel about the image, very vintage tones. It could suggest youth, action, and fun, and is probably trying to make the brand seem fresh and exciting.

A lovely lingerie image here. A great story jumps out to me, perhaps that she has a lover who lives a distance away from her so she is speaking to him on the phone. Her face looks like she is sad about something, perhaps that she misses her lover. It also could be that she has telephoned her lover and told them to come over and she is waiting for him or something similar. The look on her face either way seems very concentrated on the phone, and this really makes you think about who is on the other end of the line.


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