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The Problem

Having looked at romance in cinema, and the general cinema look and feel i have decided on some key influences for my work. However the work i have looked at, with romance in films, nearly always involves a couple, or at least two people.
However in my work, i am only going to be shooting womens fashion at present, and because of my timescale, and general strength of work, i will only be shooting women, with one person in the image.
Straight away my task to get this feeling of romance, and emotions becomes a lot harder with just one person in the image. I cannot stage two people together, looking at each other, or holding each other etc to say something, or suggest a feeling, this must all be done with one person.

So how do i get around this?

Shooting with only one person, i am aiming to still say these emotions, and suggest these feelings with just one model. I will have to really explain to my model’s what i am looking for, my concepts need to be clear, and so does my story/idea behind the image/shoot. I need my model’s to project these feelings by themselves, they need to say everything with their eyes, their pose, and how they generally hold themselves. Their body language, and look will say a lot so i must make sure that it is correct, and that it relates to my story and concept. Hopefully, by using my locations, and managing the colours and light well, this will suggest the feelings on their own, and the model’s will be able to do the rest for me.

I will also need the general scene and set up of the location to look my story/concept, like it is a romantic scene from an image, i need to think of what the scene may be. Whether that is a passionate moment between the couple, a romantic walk in the grass, etc. Hopefully all of these elements combined will give me this cinematic look and feel i am going for, and it will project my story and the feelings of romance and passion along with it.


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