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Ralph Lauren Romance Campaign 2011

I came across the Ralph Lauren romance fragrance advertising campaign while looking over their menswear. Shot by fashion photographer Bruce Weber.
A very similar concept to my own, and it has had a big influence on me, taking hints from typical romance stories, novels, and films.
These images will be key in my research, and i’m sure they will have a big impact on my images.

A romantic image which looks like it could be from a novel or a still from a movie. There couldn't much more stereotypical romance connotations in this image, the knight on a horseback saving the princess etc, the kiss obviously, and riding through the long grass etc, this may be fairly difficult to cover with one person, but if the person is looking off camera, or into the camera intently, it could be as if the man is off camera, or is the viewer.

A romantic image, looks very much like it could be a still from a film. The tones are very warm and soft, suggesting a positive feeling, of love and passion. The white horses could suggest innocence, and purity. Where as i'm sure the idea of riding through long grass on horses is many people's idea of a romantic fantasy.

Another image from the series, perhaps what comes after the horse riding, a more sexual and suggestive image, it again looks like a still from a movie. It looks almost as if the moment before they get up to no good in the grass, again a typically romantic notion.


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  1. Diane Richard

    I would like this photo how is possible ?

    June 3, 2011 at 11:04 am

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