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Shoot One Plan

My location for my first shoot is a canal boat in Ripon, North Yorkshire. I was able to source this from a friend who knew the owner, he agreed to let me use it in exchange for a few images of his boat, which is a fair deal! My model is from Girl Model Management, we agreed a deal to test and both have rights to the images in our portfolio’s. My model is located in York, however i will be meeting her at a local train station, near to the canal boat.
I have been unable to get a make up artist for the shoot however my model is competent with  applying her own make up.

We plan to shoot in every available space/room within the canal boat, and also around, and on the outside of the boat, giving a full view of what is on offer, i plan to use seating area’s and bed’s etc as  settings where a romantic scene may take place.

I will bear in mind all of my research and think of movies as i shoot, while constantly thinking where another male might be if he were to be off shot, and how this may effect the models gaze.


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