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So Why Are Cinematic Images Good?

The movie industry is a multi billion dollar business. Some of the highest paid people on earth are actors, and movie’s make hundreds of millions of pounds for film makers, making it probably the largest creative business in the world.
Therefore they must be doing something right?

We crave the cinematic experience, with people constantly updating their technology, high definition televisions, blu-ray disc players, surround sound, we want this total life like, even beyond reality experience.
We want the crystal clear images, and thumping surround sounds around us. We want to live the experiences the people on the screens are, we want to be feel what those people in the images feel. Or at least feel something close to what they feel, we want the whole cinema experience to be as grand as possible.

The aesthetics in cinema are second to none, computer generated images and special effects aside, there are key elements in cinema which make it so good. First of all like i have already mentioned, the colours in cinema are second to none, adding to feelings felt by those in the scenes. They can help you understand what time of day it is easily, make you feel like you were there, or emphasize the emotions and the general feel of the scene. Obviously sound and motion are key to that though. We go to cinema because we want these sounds, and to see video. When we capture stills from cinema, although it may just look like a photograph, they have certain qualities which usually only cinema has. That way of projecting sounds, feelings, smells etc. Some scenes have that ability to let us smell the rain pouring down on a hot summers day, and feel the happiness from within an image, just from looking at it. These are the qualities cinema has over photography.

So why cant photography use these cinematic qualities? This is beginning to be explored more and more, by professionals and users. If i can combine these colours, the light, the feelings and poses etc in my images, to make it feel like a cinema still. It will be much easier to project the feeling and mood that i want, to tell a story with the image.
I would like to capture cinematic images, images which look like they could have easily been taking out of still. Images which look like they are simply just part of a scene from a romance film. And hopefully, this may direct people to think about romance films in cinema, and those feelings projected, and even their own experiences and feelings about romance, and perhaps even make them think about how they feel about their loved ones.


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