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That ‘Look’

High fashion images demand the best models. Not only do they have to be beautiful and be able to pose well, they should also be able to hold the perfect facial expression. There are ‘looks’ that are essential in high fashion, usually a look of intensity, or endearment, etc. There is a specific look of endearment, and passion that i am looking for, something which really draws the viewer in. A look that really shows some passion towards the viewer, i want to use this look towards the viewer, as if the viewer was the partner of the female in the image. This will hopefully project this feeling of romance, lust, and passion that i am looking for.

This image captures that 'look' i have talked about. And again this image embodies the romance, and story type feel i have been talking looking at. The car in the field, with the model on the back really makes me think about the traditional american road trip, a summer road trip with your partner. The hand on the head, and the look on the face are really endearing, and suggests she is looking at her partner. It is a sort of typically 'appealing' pose and combined with the look it really draws the viewer in and gives that passionate romantic feeling.

This is another example of that feeling, the look and way the model is holding herself is again appealing, and soft. Almost vulnerable the downwards look on the face of the model. Although it is not looking into the camera it is very natural, but it is still very soft, and vulnerable. This perhaps suggests she has been in the room with her partner etc. The soft light also enhances this but the basis of the feeling in the image is all around the relaxed and soft look on the model's face, very natural but still appealing. Of course this is all enhanced when you have a beautiful model.

Again a similar look to the first image, a really endearing and passionate look as though she is looking at her partner. The lighting, the location, and the pose all suggest this but that look on the model's face just enhances this. Very soft and delicate, a loving look. Something which suggests romance, and passion, which i would like to include in my work.

Another example of this endearing look from a model. The vast majoirty of it seems to be including in the position of the head, the eyes, and the hair. The eyes are very intense which initially draws you in, the tilt of the head, and the wind blowing through the model's hair again suggest romance, and that general dreamy feeling that we see in romance, in cinema.


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