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Vulnerability/Innocence is something which i feel will play a vital role in my images. I feel that femininity can be seen in two ways, innocence/vulnerable or confidence, i would like to show both of them.
I feel that with the subject of my concepts, romance, innocence and vulnerability would be very suitable within the images. It would suggest a softness, and more emotional side to the images, add to the romantic feel of which i am going for, and perhaps add to my story. Below are some examples which highlight the vulnerable/innocent look which is seen in many high fashion images.

The eyes play a massive part in this innocent/vulnerable sort of look. The eyes down are generally a good way of doing this, or perhaps looking away from the camera. Also the hand positioning is very important, the positiong of the hands in this image perhaps suggest a lack of self confidence, perhaps suggesting innocence, and a vulnerable state, like the model does not know how beautiful she is etc. The lighting also adds to this feeling. The soft and messy hair also adds to this feeling, almost as though she is not so bothered about her appearence.

The look and the light in this image suggest innocence and vulnerability to me. Especially all the shades of white in the image, white generally suggests innocence and angelic properties. The look on the face is very soft an endearing, very relaxed and natural, which again suggests to me a soft nature, and feeling of romance and love. Again the light provides a stunning effect, with the areas of light and shadow mixing very well around each other, to create a romantic feeling.

Another example of this feeling. Aside from the pose, but the soft light, and the hazy feel straight away suggest a soft feeling, a naive innocent feeling rather than a feeling of confidence. The model is looking down towards her self, as though shy of the camera, and lacking confidence again suggesting vulnerability. Again the light shining through her her also adds to this angelic feeling, aswell as the white tones in the clothing and the rest of the image.

Again another example using white clothing, which represents innocence, the lighting again also adds to this soft feeling i feel, aswell as the looking down pose again.


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