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After completing my final project i am fairly pleased with the results.
I feel that my shoots were all well prepared and executed well, as was my model scouting, and agreement with my client. I think that coming up with a concept, that really meant something to me really developed my work and has helped my build up a style. I feel i will now be able to carry this concept on into future work, and hopefully this will be the foundations of my career in fashion, and my photographic style. I feel my images really represent my concept fairly well although there is still room for improvement to relate my concept to future images.
I feel that my technical abilities built up over the last 2 years were shown in this project, i feel i managed the camera, the light, and the environment to my best ability to create some really interesting images with a lot of impact that draw the viewer in. I feel that i communicated well with the models and my confidence in shooting with models has been improved as a result, i have begun sharing my concepts in great detail to my models in order for them to understand exactly what i wanted. I helped them relate to my concept personally, and told them to think about those memories that were related while we were shooting, and i feel it paid off, as do my models as i had good feedback about my communication from all the models.
I also feel my images look great on print and i look forward to exhibiting them and hopefully getting some future publications like i have for similar images. I feel again that this project has been success as a result of me getting images published in a US magazine, this is more than i bargained for, and it is something else to put on my CV. It has also been a huge confidence boost and has gave me more motivation to carry this work on throughout the summer and into my own time.

I feel that there weren’t many aspects that didn’t go to plan. There were a couple of shoots that i wanted to carry out, in various exciting locations i had planned, with some fantastic models. But as is the nature of people and the world, things came up and unfortunately these shoots did not go to plan. I learnt a lot from shooting in open space and trying to make a story from it, i found this difficult however i can only learn from this. I also struggled with the bright sunshine that day, and did not have a large enough diffuser/reflector with me, so again i have learned to carry more appropriate equipment with me in case of weather like this again.

If i was to carry out this project again there is not much i would change, i started shooting early, and carried on right through my project, i would like to shoot more however with only 6 weeks, and lot of research and written work to get through, this proved to be a stumbling block, however i was still able to cover four photo shoots. I think i carried out an adequate amount of research and it really gave me ideas in my head to provide exactly what i wanted, looking at different forms of media including cinema really opened my eyes and helped me to think outside the box, and to think of other factors that could enhance and influence my work.
Overall the amount of research i carried out really helped me think of where i wanted to go, and the ways and means of going on about doing it.

I am very happy with the outcome of my images, and i feel i have built a strong base of images in which to expand on in the future. I have had images published in a magazine, and also used on the Client’s website and press packs, so therefore i feel it has been a success. My images are being used in mainstream media, and surely this is a good way to start. I hope to build on this in the future.
Also after speaking to the client, they are very happy with their images, and are looking forward to meeting up next week to talk about where we can go from here and hopefully i have built strong foundations with a client in which i can build on and build my portfolio, and get more publications printed with my images in.


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