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Fourth Shoot Selected Images

The following is a selected edit, after post production of the images from my fourth shoot.

(Click on the link at the bottom of the post to view all of the images)

This is my first image from the bedroom shots we planned before moving onto the lighthouse location, i do not feel it really tells a story, however i find it an interesting image.

Again another fairly interesting image that shows the jewellery fairly well, the expression is soft and endearing which is what i was aiming for.

Again, the same sort of qualities as the image above.

A distance shot from the lighthouse setting the scene, with the model looking off camera we wonder perhaps who she is looking at, the location is set up well and it is clear where the model is, the accesories are also displayed well and i feel the tones of the sky go well with the outfit.

Again similar qualities to the previous images however i feel there is a little more human connection in this image, a very intense romantic look from the model, however a little more staged, i still feel it is a strong image.

Very similar to my first selected image however i feel this image is a little too static.

I like the light in this image, and the accesories are displayed well, i also like the textures in the image, however i fidn the pose and the image a little awkward and not balanced well, however i have received good feedback from the image

Probably my favourite image from the shoot. At the top of the lighthouse, i think the blown out windows really help you concentrate on the look from the model, which is perfect, very soft and endearing it really draws you in to her. The pose is great and natural, almost loving and welcoming? Like she wants the viewer to approach her, i like the way the tones relate to each other and the hazy light adds to this romantic feeling.

Again similar to the last few images, and i chose it for several reasons, however a little more of a warmer feel to this image.

A cinematic image, something again i thought about when shooting, relating it back to my original research, i feel it could be a still from a movie and i really feel it is what i had in my head previous to shooting.

A portrait crop of the landscape image, however i feel it does not work quite aswell as there should be more space where she is looking into.

I wanted to try and include the actually light, and i think it is an interesting image, however i feel the angle is slightly awkward and off putting.

Very romantic lighting, and i feel the hand on the glass really shows she is just at ease in the location. It looks as though she is deep in thought, perhaps missing somebody?

Again similar to the landscape image.

A close up view showing off the accesories a little more, however still having that emotion within it i wanted.


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