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Printing & Web Preparation

I have researched various stock library’s such as getty and alamy and have looked on their forums, in ablefor me to find out what would be the best sizes etc for my images when preparing for printing and alsofor the web.


After researching printing guidelines for stock libraries etc, i have discovered that the best printingconditions for a print are –

– 240 DPI
– Adobe RGB
– Tiff/Jpeg

There has been dispute for some time whether 240 DPI or 300 DPI gives better quality, but after research from leading companies it has been found that the human eye can only see 240 DPI from
3 feet away, so anymore than this and theres not a great deal of use for it.

There has also been questions ove the colour spacing, whether it should be SRGB or Adobe RGB,
however the leading experts now have set guidelines that Adobe RGB should be used as it is the defaultcolour space for most programs and companies etc.

Tiff’s or Jpegs should also be used for printing and nothing else, however at A3 size, a decent size JPEG,above 1.5 mb should give quality which is exactly the same as as a TIFF. However printing any biggerthan A3/12×16” then a TIFF file should be used to retain quality.


After researching guidelines for the web, i have found that the following gives the best image quality.

– 96 DPI
– 250kb – 1mb

For many years now 72 DPI has been used for web images, as computer screens could only cope withthis amount of pixels. However with increased screen quality, most screens can now read 96 DPI easily, which gives better image quality.

The colour space used is SRGB, as all computer’s and web browser’s all use the standard colourspace SRGB, so colours will not change from computer to computer, unless the computers screenis not colour balanced.

A Jpeg is also needed so that the image will load quickly and not clog up the page, this should be around250kb – 1mb, it used to be around 250kb but most computers have broadband internet access with can load1mb jpegs on the web fairly quickly. 


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