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Shoot One Evaluation

After creating an edit from this shoot i have decided to weigh up how the shoot went, and what could be improved next time.
I found the location organizing fairly challenging but carried it out well, my organization was spot on as everything went to plan, my technical thoughts were well planned and my visual research really led me to knowing exactly what i wanted from my images, and looking at images of canal boat interiors really helped me decide what i wanted to do, and how to manage the light.
I think the images really sold my story well, and i have created some really interesting nice images that i am fairly pleased with.
After posting the images online i was also contacted from a new independent fashion magazine in the USA who have asked if they could publish an editorial series of the images, which 5 double page spreads of my images, something i am very proud on and a great way of showcasing my images internationally.

Overall i feel that this shoot could not have went much better, the images i had in my head are pretty much what i have ended up with, i encountered no problems worth mentioning, and it did not cost me anything for an agency signed model, or for the location, and after this, i had my images published, what more was needed.

Below is a screen shot of the magazines first page of my feature.


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