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Shoot One Selected Images

The following is a selected edit, after post production of the images from my first shoot.

(Click on the link at the bottom of the post to view all of the images)

This is one of my favourite images from my shoot. The depth of field makes you concentrate on the model, and the look on her face. The location perhaps makes you wonder what it is, and why she is there. This hopefully is the beggining of my story, and again, is the model looking at her boyfriend etc? I feel this relates well to my research and is a good start on my images.

Again similar qualities to the last image, the look on the models face is very endearing and loving which gives it this romantic image. The hair moving in the wind gives us this cinematic feel, where it helps us imagine being there.

A more cinematic image, again you wonder why she is sat here, and where she is going, and who she is with? Questions hopefully answered to my concept of romance, and love etc. The model's look really keeps your attention, and the jewellery is showcased well.

This shows the location well, and shows that it is actually a boat she is on. Very feminime pose, and i like the tones too, they all combine well together i feel. The depth of field provides this cinematic, contemporary look.

A more standard portrait, perhaps more suitable for product shots on the web.

Again a very feminime image, the tones in the image all match from the skin, to the curtains, the background, and the light in the image. The hands and the looks is very feminime and delicate and this is something i have been aiming for all along. I think this clearly feels like it has been influenced by my research.

A classic image, intense eyes drawing the viewer in, the light creates this really great romantic feel. The eyes almost definitely say that the viewer is the partner, and she is longing for him.

A similar image to the above but perhaps more contemporary with a colour side. The arm is slightly more natural i feel in this image, and the look is just great again. Very endearing, the tones all match again i feel from the skin to the background and the light, mixing in to create this hazy romantic image.

Similar to the black and white image above earlier, the light in the window creates some really great shadows for a visually interesting image.

Another of my favourites, with a look from the model that really draws you in, i also think the tones in this image match each other and create a really nice romantic image, like she is sitting on the front of the boat as it is about to set off down the canal.

A similar portrait view of the last image.

I like this image as again i feel it tells a story, like she is driving/riding the canal boat down the canal with a loved one etc. A really endearing look on her face adds to this romantic feeling.


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