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Shoot Two Selected Images

The following is a selected edit, after post production of the images from my second shoot.

(Click on the link at the bottom of the post to view all of the images)

This is one of my favourite images from the shoot, i feel it shows the location well enough to know where/what it is, and it aslo begins to tell the story. The model relaxing in the chair maybes suggests a carvan holiday, a weekend away, and the look suggests she is perhaps looking for her boyfriend etc. After looking at these i thought it may have been better if i was to put another chair up in the scene, and that would make it more clear.

Another image similar the above, i like the look more in this image, and i feel the landscape image works a little more, you can see more of the location and it feels very cinematic, like it could be a scene from a movie.

More of a catalogue style image which shows the accesories off a little more, rather than telling a story.

A fairly close up image, and as the scene has been set by the other images, this image is perhaps a little more about the emotion of the model, and i think it works very well with the composition and the light falling on her face and caravan.

A similar image to that above, but perhaps more suitable for magazines with it being in portrait format.

I chose this image because of the view of the location, it is similar to the others but more negative space on the left to show off the location, perhaps more space for text/logos etc?

A fairly interesting image, like she is talking to her partner out of the window, i think more visually appealing then going with my concept/story.

Some images from the beach i shot, the waves splashing up almost let you hear them, very vintage tones and a cinematic feel, much like the styles you see in romance films, this image was very much influeneced by scenes from Pearl Harbour.

My favourite interior shot, the light coming through gives this really romantic feel, and the look on the models face looks like she is intently staring at somebody with passion, like she is looking towards her boyfriend. Very passioante and intense.

Similar to the other image however i find the light very interesting and appealing on the face, however the black and white image really stands out from the others, so i feel it would not work in a set.


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